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The Fermentary is based on the concept that everyone should have access to locally grown and affordable food. Growing our own ingredients on our farm, sourcing from our local farmers' market and serving food truck style allows us to do just that. Fermenting our ingredients and condiments helps us preserve the harvest and adds layers of amazing flavour to our soups and sandwiches. Find us parked around Tata serving up your favorite comfort foods every weekend. 

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Gourmet Burger
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At the heart of our community-driven soup + sandwich shop is a commitment to supporting local food producers and fostering a sustainable food ecosystem. Inspired by the success of our local farmers market, we established a farm-to-table food truck that champions high-quality, locally sourced ingredients while maintaining affordability. By cultivating our own ingredients, or sourcing within the community, we ensure accessibility to clean food and minimize our environmental footprint. The farmers market, which we proudly organize, serves as the cornerstone of this initiative. Beyond providing residents with access to fresh, seasonal produce, it acts as a small business incubator, empowering local entrepreneurs to showcase their goods. This endeavor not only enriches the community's culinary landscape but also allows our food truck to thrive on a menu crafted from scratch, devoid of preservatives, and focused on whole food options. The symbiotic relationship between our farm + farmers market + food truck creates a sustainable cycle, with weekly support for our vendors and a direct link between local producers and consumers. 

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