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The Roots

We are a red seal chef and herbalist team passionately running a small scale regenerative farm, and our local farmers' market, in the village of Tatamagouche. Our farm focuses on food medicine and uses herbal medicine and fermentation to create nourishing foods for our community. Running our market created a passion for building and sustaining essential local food systems which also inspired our farm-to-table food truck. We serve a comfort food menu based on our market's offerings and fueled by our vendors products. Our goal is to create an affordable and locally sourced menu, giving our community a truly local option, while showcasing what the small businesses and farms around us have to offer. We use minimal input on the farm and work with nature to get the most out of our soil, which also allows us to lower food costs. Our product line flows with the seasons to ensure you get the ultimate local flavor experience, and your body gets what it needs to thrive in each one. 


The Chef

Shawn Crouse is a certified red seal chef who grew up on his family farm and is no stranger to having fresh food all around him. His mother also ran a bakery from home and being surrounded by real food and community working together became his goal. Once he finished culinary school and moved to Nova Scotia, he became passionate about growing his own vegetables to put into his creations and started a small scale homestead. Teamed up with his wife of 17 years, who is a self taught food alchemist training to be his sous chef, they create magical + authentic farm to table comfort food they bring to life through fermentation. 

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