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▪️Ginger root

▪️Horseradish root

▪️Turmeric root


▪️Garlic cloves






▪️Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

▪️Raw honey

This is what you call folk medicine. The ingredients might change from year to year and the amounts will quickly become a preference. Every batch I make is different with the same base recipe here inspired by Rosemary Gladstar. We usually start our first batch in September so it’s ready for cold & flu season. At that point the garden is still full of herbs and roots to be added. The base ingredients are a combination of anti viral goodness. Additions could be based on flavour or health benefits.

Folk Method 〰️ Peel and chop the roots, onions and garlic and add them to a sterile glass jar. The bigger the better because you will have to wait a month for this and you will want to share. Remove the herbs from their stems and slice the jalapeños and lemons. Add to the jar. You can make layers if you love a good aesthetic. Top with fresh nasturtium flowers if you have them then fill the jar with apple cider vinegar.

If you can find raw vinegar with the mother or make your own like I did that’s even better. Place a piece of parchment paper or coffee filter over the top of the jar and place the lid on. Now it’s time to find a cool dark place for your jar to sit for up to 4 weeks. Shake daily.

After it’s done infusing it’s time to strain the pulp and add the honey. The amount is up to you. You might need to warm the honey slightly to insure that it dissolves into the vinegar. Place a fresh piece of parchment or filter between the jar and lid. It may corrode if you don’t. Stored in a cool pantry it should keep up to several months but fridge is best if you have room.

Zero waste tip: Save the pulp and dehydrate to add to a salt or soup mix


Crimson Cider

Substitute white onion for red and add hibiscus and rose petals for a huge boost of flowery vitamin c

Violet Cider

Substitute white onion for red and add crushed elderberries and violet petals for an immune boost


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