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Moon Booch

Moon Booch

Green tea + local wildflower honey fermented together and flavoured with seasonal fruit + flowers + herbs to create a refreshing + probiotic honey tonic.
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  • Booch Info

    Do not shake!

    This is a living product and will  continue to ferment when you take it home so keep it cold. If left sealed in a warm place bottle may explode.

    If you see tiny strands in your beverage, please know that these are just a sign that your kombucha is alive and healthy. Strain into a glass and enjoy its life force!

    If you forget to consume your kombucha before the date, you can use it to make vinegar! Pour into a sanitized vessel and secure top with coffee filter (or cheesecloth) and a rubber band. Sit in a dark place for 2-3 months. 

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